How to fix gpg2/pinentry

This guide regards Linux systems, in particular XUbuntu 14.04.4.

When I sign files, I use gnupg2 by running gpg2 -ab FILE from the shell. Then it used to ask me for the password to access my private key to sign the file with.

I haven’t done this since a while and now I run into a problem: The said command pops up a GUI window named pinentry right from the console. I have a long random password so I use a password safe to store it. So I use to copy&paste the password.

But the pinentry window did take keystrokes but not copy&paste! But it let crash my whole X-window-system!

At last I found out that I can uninstall the package named pinentry-gtk2. This step caused that the package system installed another packet (this is the first time I see this) named pinentry-curses. Curses is a library to make GUI-like windows and control on the shell.

Now gpg2 -ab FILE launches the curses-version of pinentry. Now the controls to insert the password appear in the console window without affecting anything. I can copy&paste the password and got my file signed.

This is what I love on Linux: If one thing is broken you can use another thing which works.

However: You don’t let pop up a GUI window out from the shell, aren’t you?! There is curses for that!

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Linux: XFCE desktop environment: No borders around the application windows and how to fix it

Problem: After log in a XFCE session the borders around the application windows were missing. There is also only one desktop available.

Reason: The xfwm4 window manager (= the application which provides the borders araound the windows and more) isn’t running. This usually happens after a session was not closed properly.

(1) Go to Applications menu > Run program or press Alt+F2.
(2) Type „xfwm4 –replace“ in the input field and press run. Do not toggle „Run in terminal“.
(3) Log out from current session making sure „Save session for future logins“ is toggled.

Everything with XFCE  should be fine even after reboot now.

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